Notice - Password Security Upgrade

Your company administrators will be able to configure custom password requirements by specifying:
1. Minimum password length (14-20 characters; default 14)
2. Maximum password age before it must be changed (90-365 days; default 90)
3. Minimum password age before it can be changed (0 - 8 days, a day is a 24-hour timeframe; default 0) - except using forgot password link
4. Minimum number of password iterations before reuse (24)

*If none of the above configurations are changed by your company administrators, the default values will be used.

These requirements are static for all users (and are not configurable):
- Must not contain the first node of the email address (i.e. would restrict use of jsmith)
- Must not contain 3 or more occurrences of the same character in a row
- Must contain at least one numeric and one alphabetic character
- May contain special or punctuation characters
- Account lockout after 6 failed attempts

*If you don't have a Company administrator, you can assign one by contacting IBM SaaS Customer Support.

Special Note: Passwords are protected through encryption during storage. Your company administrators (and also IBM support personnel) cannot see a user's old password when resetting it to a new temporary password. The system will force a password change when the user first logs in with that temporary password.

As part of our continuing efforts to provide you with a secure and robust IBM Supply Chain Business Network Service,
we are requesting that you note the browser requirements for use with this Customer Center Site.
Please check to be sure you are operating at least these minimum versions of the following browsers,
although the latest versions are significantly more secure and recommended.

Google Chrome - version 30
Firefox - version 27
Microsoft Internet Explorer - version 11

Thank you for choosing IBM Supply Chain Business Network as your electronic trading network. Your business is important to us and we want to ensure your continued satisfaction.